Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer-ing in Maine

In the past, it has seemed to me to be torturing the language a bit when I've heard people say "We're 'winter-ing' in Arizona, or we're 'summer-ing' on the Cape". However this year, it sounds like perfect linguistic syntax for me to say "We're summer-ing in Maine". (We might be 'fall-ing' here as well.)

We're located on Mount Desert Island, which makes up the bulk of the territory comprising Acadia National Park. The topography created by the collision of ocean with fir-covered granite coastline is stunning. Enjoying the area by boat allows us to take full advantage of the beauty that surrounds.

This is the first summer in several that we've had our boat in the water. We had not been able to put together much time here in the last few years. Life and family simply didn't cooperate. But this year, we have been able to pull it off.

It has been something of a challenge getting re-acquainted with our boat. But we're enjoying the journey and day by day getting back 'up to speed' on the boating equipment and procedures that had become a little hazy for us at the start of the season.

So. Just wanted to report in and confirm that we're alive and enjoying our Maine summer. And our dog--Buffie--has even joined us in plying the high seas. She put up with the whole thing pretty well, but I think she was glad to get back on terra firma.

More later.

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