Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weighing Anchor in Colorado--a somewhat Bifurcated Heart.

My wife and I have called Colorado "home" for the past 23+ years.  We are in process of getting our lives resituated in a "location to be determined later".   Turns out that my wife has a health condition known as Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS--for short) which impacts her ability to enjoy everyday life and activity.  Also turns out that the POTS symptoms are made significantly more acute at high altitude.   So, we're in the process of moving to sea level, or near sea level where her enjoyment of life can be more 'normal'.

Colorado is where we have raised our kids and lived our lives with the inherent belief that we would pretty much stay put here.  We have made great, deep and fun friendships here in Colorado--friendships that developed through work, neighborhood, church, kids' schools, and also a few precious random connections.   So many of these have developed into deep and meaningful friendships that we value greatly and we trust will survive the 'separation of miles' and last us the rest of our lives.

For several years, we have owned a place in Maine, so--at present--Maine is becoming the path of least resistance for a residential destination.  We've also made (and continue to make) good friends in Maine, but I am still getting adjusted to thinking of Maine as "home".  I guess there is a "new normal" that will be developing over the next months (and maybe years) ahead.

One of my Maine friends reminded me that the reggae icon Bob Marley stated that "home" is "where you hang your hat".   My problem is that I have been hanging my hat in Colorado for so long that it just "feels" like home.  And while I can drape my baseball cap over our halltree by the front door in Maine, Maine still feels like "the place we like to get away to".  The old addage that "home is where the heart is" fails me, as I'm finding I've developed a bit of a bifurcated heart.

So stay tuned.   Once we sell our home in Colorado, we'll be attempting to figure out where we hope to live out the next chapters of our life on this planet.  We've had some ideas, but are trusting that we (my wife and I) will "both know" when we've hit upon the right situation and location, and we're also trusting that we can 'enjoy the journey'.  (Sage advice from a Maine summer neighbor.)

My friend Mike finished off a dinner conversation this week with an admonition to me "give me something on Coffee Harbor"--so, Mike, there you go.


Commander Granger said...

So sorry to hear, Kim, about your wife's health and your pending move. As you will read on Bob's blog, he passed away one week ago today. Please read the blog, it will say so much more than I every could. I will continue to read and enjoy your posts to "Coffee Harbor."
Dianne Kalthoff

James Carlson said...

A bifurcated heart just means you have two homes! You lucky guy!

Anonymous said...

I understand completely. I have just relocated to Maryland from Colorado and cannot imagine that this will ever feel like home. While the water is beautiful, my heart remains in the mountains.

Good luck to you and your wife.