Monday, June 20, 2011

My Dad 9/22/19 -- 6/11/11

Earlier in May, I spent a couple of weeks getting my parents moved into assisted living. It was a hard couple of weeks for me, but it seemed to be "the time" for such a move. I returned home to Colorado and, one week later, I got a call that my dad had suffered a massive stroke. I was told that he would not live beyond 24-48 hours.

My brother and I flew home to Rockford the next morning to be with our mother and attend to what needed to be attended to. In spite of the original 'prognosis' of death within a day or two, dad lasted another week. He never regained consciousness, but he did appear to respond to the squeezing of his hand.

He was a very sweet man, a true gentleman, wonderful father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. He instinctively knew how to communicate unconditional love to his family, and he was a faithful friend to many. Love you so much, dad.

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